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7.2.4 Monthly Fair Market Rent for One and Two Bedroom Apartments: More than one third of households across the nation live in rental housing. Some households have chosen rental housing due to convenience, cost, or other reasons. Others, particularly lower income families, live in rental housing because homeownership is out of reach. Affordable rental housing for this population is very important not only for the families themselves, but for our communities as a whole.
At least since the early 1980s, federal housing authorities have suggested that   (08/10/2017)

7.3.1 Median Resale Value of Homes: One way for households to maintain long-term affordable housing is through homeownership. Homeownership "locks-in" monthly payments (assuming fixed interest loan terms) that become more affordable, provided household income increases, over time.
Housing affordability is also important because   (07/26/2017)

4.2.7 11th & 12th Grade Dropouts as a Share of Their Grade: High school completion is a milestone that holds important implications for both students and public education districts. For students, obtaining a high school diploma offers the expectation of more stable employment prospects, higher lifetime earnings, and the opportunity to continue one's education at the postsecondary level. For school districts   (07/19/2017)

3.3.1 Total Civilian Labor Force & Labor Force Participation Rate (population age 16+): The civilian labor force and the labor participation rate are important measures, used by both government and the private sector. For government, it allows some insight into the ability of an area to attract outside businesses, by understanding the available labor force. For the private sector, it is important because it signifies the ability of an area to support a growing economic base. Additionally,  (07/12/2017)