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Diversity vibrant in Tri-City population but not so much in economy

"Diversity comes in many dimensions — gender, sexual preference, racial/ethnic makeup, to name a few. This column takes up one — racial and ethnic diversity — in part because it tells such an interesting story for the two counties.
First, let’s state the obvious: Benton and Franklin counties show unique"
-Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business,  08/20/2018

Tri-Cities’ financial sector boosted by strong economy

"Remember the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid?” It certainly is true when assessing the state of regional lending. Let’s walk through what the economy does for the regional financial sector. But first, a word about the sector.
The “credit intermediation” industry – largely banks and credit unions – works on a relatively simple proposition: take deposits from customers/members/investors, then loan out the money to customers/members. One stays in business by maintaining"
-Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business,  07/01/2018

Tri-City manufacturing tilts toward agriculture, toward growth

"The Tri-Cities prides itself on being a bit different from the rest of Eastern Washington. So is its manufacturing sector. Unlike most metro areas this side of the state, manufacturing here doesn’t loom among the top five sectors by employment. As Benton Franklin Trends indicator 3.3.4 shows, the largest employing sectors in the Tri-Cities are, in order: government, health care, agriculture, retail and waste services. In 2016, manufacturing ranked as the eighth largest employing sector."
-Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business,  06/01/2018

EWU Institute Launches Tri-Cities Data Tracker - Information Could Benefit Businesses in Spokane

"Eastern Washington University’s Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis says it has developed a Web-based data bank for businesses, community leaders, and residents of Benton and Franklin counties, the university says."
-Journal of Business,  06/18/2015

Tri-Cities by the Numbers: Community Leaders Unveil New Statistics Resource

"Tri-City leaders are hoping a new website that pulls together data about the region, from high school graduation rates and the number of violent gun crimes to the affordability of rents and air quality, will simultaneously entice businesses and stimulate discussions. "
-Tri-City Herald,  06/08/2015